ITD Cementation Ltd. is an infrastructure contract company engaged in the execution of 6 Elevated Metro Rail Stations for East West Metro Project of Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Ltd., Kolkata. We approached their Project Manager Mr. Mainuddin Ahmed, a thorough gentleman for looking at the possibility of an association with them. We were asked to make a presentation before him, his team, Mr. N. C. Karmali (GM, Civil, KMRCL, General Consultants of KMRCL and other KMRCL (Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.) officials in the month of December, 2017. They liked our presentation, our samples and were very happy with it. We were asked to submit our offer which was sent to them in the same month. After some time, we were informed that they had already finalised on some other Vendor as we had approached them late and they had already decided on that vendor.


We were called again by them in the month of May, 2018. This time they informed us that the Vendor who was awarded the contract is working very slow and is unable to maintain delivery timelines. They asked us, if we were given some of the work, will we be able to make the supply within required timelines? We agreed and were awarded their order for Station Name Signs on dt. 26.07.2018.


The challenge here for us was that we had to prepare the technical drawings, get it approved from them, manufacture the Signage and install them, all these activities were to happen within a period of just 2 months. The installation work was also a little bit tricky as it had to happen in the middle of a road having heavy vehicle movement during day time, so we had to work only during NIGHT time only.



Both ITD Cementation and KMRCL people were very satisfied with our work and awarded us with more work which went on till the end of 2019. Attached please find a copy of their Work Completion Certificate for your reference. Hope you will find the above interesting and take note of the fact that we value our commitment and deliver quality within required timelines.