Would you like to know how to get good quality signages?

Hi! I am Naresh Jhajharia, Director of Admire Sign & Display, India’s oldest signage company.

In the last 3 decades, we have executed over 200 projects successfully.

Today, I am going to talk about the most common problem faced by project managers.

How do I ensure I get GOOD quality signage for my prestigious project?

In our 32 years of existence, I came across multiple cases where unorganised sellers quoted cheaper rates, made grand promises but finally delivered a below average product.

Such instances, cost wastage of precious time and money in subsequent maintenance and gravely impacted the Brand and its intended communication.

I am sure, YOU do not want this!

I am going to tell you in 8 easy steps how YOU can get the right signs for your project

Step No. 1 Prepare Signage Mapping & Technical Drawings

These ensure the Vendor understands your exact needs.

This eliminates misunderstanding. Once specifications of all materials and sizes are documented, it removes unnecessary wastage of time in verbal clarifications.

Vendor is in a better position to offer suitable products to you.

In the unfortunate event of a future dispute, these documents serve as documentary evidence to settle the case.

Step No. 2 Check vendor experience

Check the track record, if the vendor has successfully executed similar projects in terms for complexity, scale and expected quality.

Verifying the track record of the vendor, provides clarity on their experience, credibility & professionalism. This simple verification eliminates the risk of getting stuck with the wrong vendor.

Step No. 3 Material Check

The material used is one area where the vendors tend to cut corners in order to save costs.

Always insist on the first sample submission before starting the bulk production. This sample stays with you as a reference or proof of material used as per drawings and specifications. You also get an opportunity to make corrections, if any, into designs and materials before the bulk production begins.

Once you get the technical drawings with material specifications documented, you can verify the quality of specified material from OEM test certificates as well as third party laboratory test certificates.

OEM test certificates for most standard products like LED lights, aluminium extrusions, graphic vinyls etc are mostly available online.

You should also get the physical tests done to ensure that the product used matches the online test certificate submitted.

Check the material quality and specifications physically while the work is in progress at the vendor’s workshop. This way, you will understand the quality of material used before actual supply and installation starts.

Steps No. 4 Goods delivery

Upon getting delivery of finished goods, depute a knowledgeable and competent person to check and approve the goods.

For this person’s efficiency, provide him a checklist with drawings and specifications.

Also check any physical damage in transit.

Check if lighting: The lighting spread should be even. There should be no flickering, dark spots, hanging wire shadows etc.

Check the product dimensions with drawings.

Check all joints and corners. There should be no gaps.

Check the moving parts such as locks, hinges etc are functioning properly.

Get a demonstration of the installation and maintenance process.

Steps no. 5 Safety

Due to our “Chalta hai attitude”, This is the utmost important yet most neglected activity in India.

Many serious accidents happen during and after installation.

Neither the buyer nor the ‘so called expert’ pays much attention to the safety in transportation, safety of traffic and pedestrians, safety of assets, safety of installation team and the safety of sign post its installation.

Make sure the safety of all the above mentioned items are thoroughly checked.

Ensure an experienced, knowledgeable and responsible supervisor is at hand all the times during transportation and installation process. Only municipal certified and qualified electricians should be allowed to carry out any electrical connections work after wearing shock proof gadgets.

Step no. 6 Warranty

Before taking final handover of the product, it is best to get the warranty certificate with full contact details of the vendor and maintenance agent. This protects you from any future losses.

Step no. 7 After sales service/maintenance

After Sale Service and maintenance is also important for the Signage. You can get into an AMC agreement with the vendor for this.

Step no. 8: Ease of Graphic Change

Make sure that it is easy to change or replace the graphics using minimum tools and without having any expertise.

Follow these 8 steps and you will always get the best quality signages.

Hope I have been able to add value to your signage purchase process.

If you have any questions and want to know more about signages please fill the Enquiry form in the Contact Us page or write to me at info@wasmake.com and I will be happy to help.

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Let’s build a better future, together. Namaste.

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